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Technology Workshops

In the Design and Technology block there are three teaching rooms, two of these are workshops - one primarily for wood and electronic work, one for metal work and an ICT/Designing room.

There is a very large metal workshop where there is enough space to comfortably sit a class of 20 students along with additional space for them to move around when they are completing practical tasks. This room contains two Harrison M250 centre lathes, Horizontal milling machine, a modern mechanical hacksaw, Flamefast hearth and crucible furnace which are all used by students in the engineering and product design courses offered.

Adjacent to this is the wood and electronic workshop which has benches capable of holding up to 20 students. This room contains two wood lathes, a band facer, two pillar drills and electronic work benches to complete electronic projects. The technician has a private space near here with a circular saw, sharp edge and extraction.

The Design and Technology block also houses the ICT/Designing room which has 20 modern windows computers, an A3 colour printer and a Roland Camm 2. The computers all have a variety of software from Adobe Photoshop to 2D Design and SolidWorks. This room is often used by students for the development of Computer Aided Designs and then these designs are manufactured using either the Roland Camm 2 or the Laser Cutter.