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Careers and Higher Aspirational Events and Visits

Year 9 & 10 - University of Oxford (Wadham College)


This was a very unique and rare opportunity for our students to visit Oxford University and they were very impressed with the beautiful buildings.

Students took part in sessions that focused their minds to think about choosing the right A level subjects which would help them to study various degrees.  They also took part in an academic taster session. Students had a tour of the college which included going inside the student accommodation. Students were provided lunch in the university restaurant.  Finally they went to visit the Natural History Museum.


Year 9 - STEM Taster Day

As part of their Careers guidance students attended a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths taster day) at the CEME Centre in Rainham.  During the visit students participated in a carousel of activities which included:


  • Virtual reality demonstrations
  • Games Design
  • 3D printing demonstration
  • Robotics
  • Electronics
  • KNEX

Students also go to find out about different career paths they could take in these fields.


Year 8 & 9 - London School of Economics

This visit to LSE, one of the  Russell Group Universities  was organised for our  high achieving students to make them aware of what would be available for them should they decide to move on to higher education. This ACE Day was a basic introduction for students for them to gain an insight into university life by taking part in sessions. These which were led by current university students which focused students minds on different aspects of higher education.  Students also had a tour of the campus.


Year 8 - Queen Mary, University of London

Year 8 students visited Queen Mary, University of London.  The day provided students with an insight into what it would be like to study higher education at the University.  Students took part in decision making activities, received a presentation from current university student ambassadors regarding their background information, what they are studying, why they chose their degree to and their future career ambitions.

Students had a tour of the campus and were amazed how the university students lived on campus and the amenities they had available on site. Students then visited the Centre of the Cell, located within working Biomedical Research Laboratories in the Blizzard Institute in Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.  Once inside they learned about the amazing world of cells, the human body and the latest medical research that is going on.

Year 10 - Queen Mary University Law & Mock Trial Taster Session

Students in year 10 who are interested in a career in Law visited Queen Mary University Law Department for a Law taster session.  The aim of the day is for students to gain an insight into what it would be like to study Law at degree level at the University and what they may expect if they pursue a career in the legal profession.  Students will take part in the following activities:

  • Admissions criteria to study Law at the University and which A levels are advisable to study.

  • Q&A session

  • Campus Tour

  • Mock Court Trial

Year 9 - Cambridge University (Emmanuel College) Visit

This was our second visit to Cambridge University as last year’s visit was so successful and really inspired our students to want to aim to study higher education.  This visit was organised for our high achieving students and the aim of the day was to provide students with an insight into what it would be like to study higher education at one of the prestigious Russell Group Universities.

During the day students received a presentation on “What are my Options at Cambridge University”, lunch in the university restaurant, a tour of the picturesque Emmanuel College Campus. Finally students took part in a debate session on the topic of “should students be able to study at university for free”. The students really enjoyed their day and were very enthusiastic in all sessions.

Year 10 - Havering Sixth Form Higher Education & Careers Event

Students who were predicted to achieve high GCSE Grades were invited to attend this event which enabled them to speak to various higher education establishment staff to find out what degrees they have on offer for students to study. There were also higher education Apprenticeship providers and various employers that students could find out what apprenticeships and different roles available for them.  Following the Careers Fair students received an in depth presentation from The Russell Group University staff regarding entry criteria’s and the A levels they should choose that would improve their chances of being selected.

Year 11 - Skills London Event

Year 11 students visited Skills London Careers Event at the Excel Centre, in London.  This is the largest careers event and is held each year.  The purpose of the day was to give students the opportunity to speak to apprenticeship providers, employers and post 16 education/training providers to give them an insight to what is available for them post 16.  

Students had the opportunity to discover careers through interactive, inspirational activities and demonstrations.  Students were provided with prospectuses and literature to bring home and they were also given freebies such as pens, pencils, key rings etc which they really liked.  


Year 10 - Essex Chemistry at Work

Students who study GCSE Triple Science attended this event at The London Cruise Terminal. The aim of this event was to promote chemistry based professions as a possible careers choice.  Interactive presentations were given to students by practising Chemists, Biochemists, Pharmacists and Chemical Engineers.

These professionals come from a range of backgrounds including industry, consultancy & universities. Students also observed practical demonstrations and took part in hands-on science based activities.


Year 10 Work Related Learning Week Visits

Students who decided that they did not want to go out on work experience placements remained at school and took part in a 3 day Working Life Programme and then on the remaining 2 days  went on visits to various workplace and university visits.  Students were able to select the visits that they wanted to attend on both dates and these included:

  • Greater Anglia Trains (Mechanical Engineering)  

  • Romford Magistrates Court (Law)

  • Writtle University College (sport taster session)

  • Archant Newspaper Group (Media, publishing & journalism)

  • Barclays Bank (Banking & Finance)

  • Metropolitan Police (Bow 999 emergency control room)

Students really enjoyed these visits and this gave them an insight into the world of work and what is available for them in the future should they decide to pursue these careers.

2017/18 Planned Visits

  • Year 11 Raising Participation Age ‘Moving on Event’
  • Year 10 Barking & Dagenham Taster Day in Construction & Sport
  • Year 9 STEM Taster Day at the CEME Centre
  • Year 10 Havering College & Havering Sixth Form Taster Day
  • Year 8 & 9 visit to Cambridge University (Queens College)
  • Year 8 & 9 London School of Economics ACE Day
  • Year 9 University of Oxford (Wadham College)
  • Year 9 visit to Cambridge University (Emmanuel College)
  • Year 8 Queen Mary University Visit

RPA ‘Moving on Event’

Year 11 students went out on a visit to the Raising Participation Age ‘Moving on Event’ that was held
at Hornchurch Sports Centre on Tuesday 3 rd October. The aim of the visit was for students to speak
to numerous representatives from colleges, sixth forms and universities. Students received
information on the courses that they had on offer for them to study and their entry requirements.
Students were also given prospectuses and literature relating to what they can offer for students for
their post 16 and 18 education.
Students also had the opportunity to speak to various alternative training providers, apprenticeships
providers and employers to find out what is available for them when they leave school.